Booking Di.Diamond (Life Performance formed ElectroTrio Band "Teatre")


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Booking Di.Diamond.For Gigs Contract .

Life Performance Band Trio "Theatre" Formed Di.Diamond Vocal, Dj Ispanets and Guitare Vladimir Revitsky


Avilable for contracts and Gigs for any country .

Singer Songwriter producer musical Di.Diamond  Trio Band " Theatre"  Original music by Di.Diamond with many coloboration musical producers.

mail agent: blakmarkiza777@gmail.com



Style Dance Trance EDM Pop House Electronic 


(Di.Diamond vocal Vladimir Revitsky guitar and DJ Ispanets)

This is a very creative new-fashion work with electronic music. Great play DJ, soulful and strong male and female vocals and virtuoso guitar playing. In such an interesting statement began working pop icon Madonna opened our time so completely different new sound of electronic music. This trio is very creative professional musicians playing their original music written Di.Diamond in collaboration with a many of very talented and professional producers from Europe and U.S.A in the style of EDM , Trance, Pop Dance , House and Sound pop.


P.S we have alsoo in our repertoir cover songs male vocal british top 40.


DI.DIAMOND began working as a music producer, author and performer songwriter , vocalist  Di.Diamond working on new albums "Diamond" and "Diamond on Fire" in style Dance, Trance, Electro House, EDM. And also began to work as a singer and songwriter in cooperation with other music producers and DJs: DJ Von Ander planet(Portugal), Bandi42(U.S.A L.A), Unisyn(U.S.A  Orlado), Mr. Friso (Sync Diversity Nederland), Andy Leach(England), AndyMc(England), Sderiza86(Italy Roma), Timlless(Italy Milano), Psycho(Denmark) all original songs like: Barbie (RELEAS in Itunes), Hero, Walk with me (Soon in realises), Eclipce, One Love, Fly Away, and many others.

Life Performance Band trio "Theatre" Formed  Di.Diamond Vocal,DJ ispanets, Guitare Vladimir Revitsky.

Life Performance Band Trio "Theatre" Formed  Di.Diamond Vocal,DJ Ispanets, Guitare Vladimir Revitsky (Russia Sochi 2016 Night Club "Fireplaybar")